Records Management

Managing Documents through the life cycle management - from creation through disposition

For some companies, poorly executed records management is a challenging operation, and low visibility operation that consumes time, energy and resources. Manually searching misplaced files. Maintaining dual systems for hard and electronic copies. Compromised chain-of-custody. Poor records management not only costs companies millions of dollars per year in lost productivity, it impacts employee morale and customer relations, and can be a huge compliance headache

Perfect Output solutions provided for Records Management can help you more accurately store and monitor thousands of documents, enabling better information access and greater compliance. We will provide you a Records Information Management engagement leader that will provide consulting, design, implementation, and support for your installation. They will work with you to integrate your current records management system with best practice protocols and new technologies. With a proven methodology, they will ensure the quality of your process, identify future program elements, and provide guidance for documentation and training.

Our Records Management program offers the following services:

§  Records Center Management provides you with a dedicated team of records management experts for implementation and support of your active records as well as management of inactive records for fast, accurate retrieval and delivery. We will manage the Off-Site storage vendor(s) for you.

§ Records Compliance Service ensures that you are in line with industry regulations, helps you avoid penalties, preserves chain-of-custody and enhances document security.

§ On-Site Operation Optimization to integrate your current systems ensures overall process quality and gives you the technology tools you need. With our design expertise, we can help you better manage systems, space and your records program.

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