From creation through disposition

Document and Print Management

By controlling the lifecycle of documents, businesses can maintain regulatory compliance, protect confidential information, reduce storage costs, assist employees with productivity and promote environmental initiatives.

Often barriers exist within organizations to specifically focus on the “whole picture” of document and production. Iit is generally recognized that document related costs represent, at a minimum, in excess of 3% of total corporate revenues. Perfect Output works with customers to reducing those costs. Such reductions can take place while improving technology and actually increasing the efficiency related to document production processes within an organization.

Also by developing a Companywide process that manages the life cycle of documents, materials can be disposed of in a systematic manner which reduces liability, lowers storage costs and improves user experience as information can be more easily used when needed.

Materials are also reused or recycled as they reach the end of their lifecycle and hard drives destroyed so the data is no longer available.

Our Primary Output is a Better Bottom LIne