Improving the bottom line

Cost Reductions

Perfect Output focuses on document management services and output management by removing the barriers within organizations to focus on the “whole picture” of costs. Because corporations are typically structured vertically, while operating expenses happen horizontally, it can be very difficult for an organization to really understand the magnitude of document production and the associated costs.

We have been successful in reducing our clients return on investments ((ROI) while improving user satisfaction, and the quality and efficiency of document management and production. Reductions can take place while improving technology and actually increasing the efficiency related to document production processes within an organization.

Over the years Perfect Output has developed methodology to save our clients many millions of dollars by optimizing the areas below:

  • Supply cost reduction
  • Print reduction and change management
  • Hold suppliers accountable for SLA and equipment uptime
  • Measurement of equipment downtime
  • Relieve helpdesk demands
  • Online Output device tracking and meter reads
  • Appropriate device placement
  • Asset management strategy based on ITIL CMDB structures

    Click here for a video presentation of Perfect Output's capabilities.

Our Primary Output is a Better Bottom LIne